On the Beach, in the Rain

A Sunday morning journey
Over many weeks repeating,
With sandwiches and flasks of tea
Then walking, talking, eating;
Past the fishing boats there creaking;
To the shingle’s crisp refrain;
Our footsteps locked in keeping
On the beach, in the rain.

It lingers in my memory,
The setting for that sweet thing:
Where you first said you loved me,
To the sound of waves retreating.
And although the spray was beating
Almost to the point of pain,
Our happiness was fleeting
On the beach, in the rain.

A wedding party by the sea
With bonfire night competing,
A firework-popping symphony
And chorus of gulls shrieking.
Then voices raised in greeting
As we huddled by the flames:
Three generations meeting
On the beach, in the rain.

And when our years are near completing
Will we find ourselves again,
Old age and ills defeating
On the beach, in the rain?